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Stefan Klanke Stefan Klanke
Stefan joined the SLMC group in April 2007 and is involved in the EU FP6 project SENSOPAC. Before coming to Edinburgh he studied for a diploma in computer science at the University of Bielefeld, where he also worked towards his PhD within the graduate programme "Strategies and Optimisation of Behaviour" (GK518). His research interests are mainly focused on nonlinear dimension reduction.

Dr. Stefan Klanke

IPAB, University of Edinburgh
Informatics Forum, #1.25
10 Crichton Street
Email: s.klanke [at]
Tel: +44 (131) 651 7195

Research projects
SENSOPAC: The goal of this project is to understand tactile cognition by integrating machine learning, haptic robotics, experimental and computational neuroscience, and human psychophysics. At SLMC, we will focus on the machine learning part, which covers the following three problems: how to discover the structure of sensorimotor interactions, how to learn this structure, and how to generalise over multiple contexts. Of particular interest will be how to discover the relevant latent variables that are intrinsic to an object explored manually.


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